About MegaMeeting

What is MegaMeeting ?

MegaMeeting is a Video Conferencing software to host high-quality online video meetings. MegaMeeting has integrations with WebRTC, GraphQL, React, node, ant media and Amazon web services.


Video and Audio Conferencing Meetings – MegaMeeting can handle up to 16 participants in a meeting and offers 2-way HD video and audio.

Webinar Hosting and Web Conferencing –Our Webinar hosting can handle up to 200 attendees and offers 1-way HD audio and video.

Attendee Registration –You can send invitations to your attendees for meetings and registration page is fully customizable. You can customize the link and can sent unique link to each registrant.

Other feature are Screen sharing, Chat, Email Invitations and more.


MegaMeeting Screenshot