About Socital

What is Socital?

Socital is a social media management platform for growing your businesses in social media. Our advanced tool will perform updated tactics to convert your website visitors into customers. We support in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.


Grow Email List – You can build email list of visitors in your website without exploiting their experience in your website. By giving a welcome pop up to the new ones and compelling offers will hold their existence.

Interaction - We help in building better relationship with customers and by offering personalized product recommendations your conversation rate skyrocket.

Seasonal Calendar – This feature boosts sales and increases your engagement with audience. By giving special seasonal offer will generate loyal customers and open a high tendency to sell more.

We are trusted by many leading companies including Sephora, Inter Sport, Bjorn Borg, Tower London and Koofly.


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